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Little Android Game

30 April, 2015 in Computers, Games

Beobi jumping out from the toilet!

Some time ago, I wrote a silly game featuring the little Beobi creatures.

It’s available on Google Play, for free, for the Android platform (smartphones, tablets). Language is italian, but the game logic is very simple – throw the Beobi down the toilet, where they are coming out from, and push the red button to flush’em up!

Feel free to download the game and enjoy it!

Physics master

29 January, 2015 in Computers

For the third successive year I’m teaching the course “Physics programming” at the University of Verona (master in Computer Game Development).

It’s always exciting to teach such a challenging course to a new class. Moreover, it’s a pleasure to see how new students are amazed when they discover how the physics they studied at the university turns out to be so useful: you transform boring and tedious equations into quick and clever algorithms and you see how your virtual worlds come to life!


3 December, 2014 in Computers

Sometimes it happens that the thing you’re searching for is right under your nose.

I’ve always been a big fan of RapidWeaver. I like its simplicity, the way you can build quickly a simple website, the way you can change (and customize) themes, the way you can add plugins and extend its functionalities; the only thing that I missed was the possibility to work online, without the need of having to resort to a standalone application (that, by the way, is only available on OS X).

Well… that’s exactly WordPress! I don’t know why I never took it into consideration, as I said above sometimes things are under your nose all the time and you don’t look at them!

Anyway, I’d like to thank all the guys behind this marvellous piece of software, that’s exactly what I was searching for!