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Piano playerMusic has always been part of my life. I like to sing. I like to play piano. And I like to compose my own songs.

I started learning to play piano when I was very young (7 years old), and I continued to study music theory for many years. Being an early videogame programmer, in the 80’s, I was heavily influenced by computer and electronic music, when I started to compose the soundtracks of my own games. Meanwhile, my style began to be “contaminated” by rock/pop bands of the times and by old ragtime artists (Scott Joplin, that I discovered by chance).

During those years I mastered the use of Trackers, music authoring applications that were especially popular on the Amiga range of computers. They were the “natural” tools for me, as they were designed more from a computer programmer point of view than from a musician one; a music tracker doesn’t use traditional notation, instead it features a sort of “musical programming language” that gives the composer far more freedom and flexibility. Even today, I write my music with Renoise, a wonderful piece of software heavily inspired by those tools (I then use Reaper for voice recording and the final mixdown).

I’ve uploaded some of my songs on SoundCloud; I’ve written far more compositions and soundtracks in the years, eventually I’ll try to upload all of them (although I need to find the time to remaster and remix the oldest).