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New Treasures for Beobi

30 November, 2020 in Computers, Games

i Beobi nei sotterranei infestati dai Brubulli!

The first game I developed for the all-mighty Amiga was “I Tesori” (Treasures), featuring Pippero and Tucchero in their quest for fortune and glory in the Burubullis’ dungeons. The game was a classic platform one, but the gameplay had some interesting features that made it somewhat different from other titles of the same genre. Unfortunately, it was coded using a very bad development system (Microsoft AmigaBASIC), so the final result was quite bad (especially performance-wise); and even if I planned, later in those years, a remake written in C in order to do justice to the original idea, such a remake never was completed.

Well, never… until now! Taking advantage of this period of Covid pandemic, having some time to spare just to experiment with the Godot engine, I developed a modern version of that old game. It’s still a 2d platform and the orginal gameplay is still there, but I added some new features that, really, were intended to be there in the original game but weren’t because of limitations of the development system.

The new browser game, “I Beobi e il Segreto dei Burubulli”, is freely available here: http://www.paolocattani.com/beobisegreto/; it’s free to play, but if you think it deserves a little donation (link in the game) I will donate myself half of the collected money to organizations that are currently working to fight the Covid pandemic!