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Festival of Engineering

23 October, 2017 in Computers, Games

Paolo Cattani speaking about videogame programming

I was honored to speak at the Festival of Engineering of Lodi about the fine art (and science) of videogame programming.

It was very interesting, especially for my colleagues engineers… many people don’t know what’s behind the development of a videogame, the advanced mathematics required to build a 3d engine or the complex physics behind a modern simulation of a racecar or an aircraft. An engineer is, nowadays, an essential part of a videogame development team!

Little Android Game

30 April, 2015 in Computers, Games

Beobi jumping out from the toilet!

Some time ago, I wrote a silly game featuring the little Beobi creatures.

It’s available on Google Play, for free, for the Android platform (smartphones, tablets). Language is italian, but the game logic is very simple – throw the Beobi down the toilet, where they are coming out from, and push the red button to flush’em up!

Feel free to download the game and enjoy it!